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Walking Through Culture Heritage of Prizren

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Revolution Is Me! Heritage Is Me!

Revolution Is Me! Workshop on gender equality

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Autostrada Biennale is envisioned as an innovative highway connecting the Istanbul, Venice and Prizren Biennales. The spaces are in the alleyways and the Lumbardhi river in Prizren, Kosovo. Considering that the city of Prizren lacks a contemporary art gallery, the biennial, together with the local residents, managed to create its identity by turning the city into an open museum, thereby giving citizens an opportunity to be exposed to art and the reality expressed through artistic works.Autostrada Biennale is an initiative which advocated for the use of alternative spaces, most of them forgotten from collective memory; for organizing various events within the framework of contemporary art; and lastly promoting public spaces and historic buildings which carry values of cultural heritage and collective memory.
In the map bellow you can find all exhibition, event venues and historical sites of Prizren.


The movement of “Autostrada Biennale” represents a concrete idea for “Cooperation between Art and Culture-making Organizations” through crossovers, meaning that the programs of several festivals, galleries, museums, exhibitions and similar will be put together as one. This will establish an easy and simple communication line for being in constant relation with artistic/cultural organizations and spreading their activities within the society and world-wide.
In the second edition of Autostrada Biennale with the theme: “Revolution is Us”, our idea of individual revolution will involve these various organizations and their activities within the informing program, maps, website and vice versa. We think that our cities should be nearer, with no borders between, like neighbors of ideas on the street of art and culture. In this crowded and disoriented world, we hear an asynchronous melody but we need a new composition for more democratic requests coming from our world.


Walking Through Cultural Heritage of Prizren

Time: 13:00 – 15:00

Date: 28.02.2020

Place: Lumbardhi Cinema, Prizren

Feel the spirit of the city!

Autostrada Biennale with great pleasure invites you to feel the spirit of the city of Prizren and its cultural heritage sites.

A reception event with traditional kitchen will be held on September 20 (Friday) at 12:00 in Muse Shehzade’s House (Ethnological Museum) Prizren.

A program will continue with Guided Tour Visit to international contemporary art exhibition venues of 2nd edition of Autostrada Biennale with theme “Revolution Is Us” curated by Giacinto Di Pietrantonio.

Guided Tour Visit:

13:10 / Archaeological Museum (Exhibition Venue)

13:50 / Filigree Workspace – Craftwork

14:00 / Musical performance at Nalet Bridge / Singing to the river by Violin

14:30 / Orkide Collective Workspace

15:00 / Traditional Business (blacksmiths, tailor and tea house)

15:30 / Prison (Exhibition Venue)

16:00 / Meeting Point of Autostrada Biennale (St. Vatrat Shqiptare – River bank)

After a brake at Meeting Point we suggest you to visit other exhibition venues as: Bus Station, Castle and Gymnasium.

The project “Promotion and education on culture heritage” is implemented within the framework of GrassRoots Action Support project, which is implemented by IKS, Lens and FES, financed by the European Union and managed by The Office of European Union in Kosovo.

We look forward to your presence and enjoyment of the grand cultural event of Prizren.

US Speakers at Autostrada Biennale II

Autostrada Biennale II
Education Program / Sponsored by U.S. Embassy in Prishtina

Time: 12:00 – 14:00
Date: 14.09.2019
Place: Gazi Mehmet Pasha Hamam


12:00 – 13:00 / Video Presentations
Jacob Proctor
James Deutsch
Lorena Kalaja
Yehuda Emmanuel Safran & Sislej Xhafa

13:00 – 14:00 / Talk
Adam Kleinman

After a public program the participants are invited to visit the exhibition venues of Autostrada Biennale II

Panel: Every revolution starts with a voice!

18:00 – 19:20 / A Guided Tour Visit in 3 Exhibitions Venues of Autostrada Biennale (Bus Station, Archaeology Museum and Ex-Prison)

19:30 – 21:00 / Panel theme: Every revolution starts with a voice! / Meeting Point (Vatrat Shqiptare St.)

This panel is an exploration of voice, perspective and positionality. Communication is key in mobilising the people and every revolution starts with a voice; but traditional media spaces have prioritised certain voices and narratives over others. The rise of digital media has opened new frontiers in this landscape and instigated a reframing of what the public voice is, prompting renewed questions about who is telling the story – and how. As the old guard of the media loses political and social currency, new methods of story-telling are needed more than ever to connect with a fragmented and saturated audience. The conversation is an inquiry about the words of change: what is being said, how, and by who. A panel is supported by UNMIK.

Edis Galushi – Activist, Actor and Screen Writer, Opening remarks, 10 min

Sanam Dolatshahi, Communications Specialist – 10min
Video Screening “Meat in the Middle” (05’ 32”)
Lola Sylaj – Artist, 10min
Dardan Zhegrova – Artist, 10min
Barış Karamuço – Filmmaker and co-founder of Autostrada Biennale, 10min                                                                                  Andjelka Cup – Journalist, 10min

Open Discussion

Adam Kleinman (USA) / Talk at Autostrada Biennale

Time: 13:00h
Date: 14.09.2019
Place: Gazi Mehmet Pasha Hamam, Prizren, Kosova

Adam Kleinman is an independent curator and writer as well as the Regional Curator for North America at the Kadist Art Foundation.
He was previously Editor-in-Chief and Curator at Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Agent for Public Programing at Documenta (13), and Curator at Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.
Kleinman has authored numerous monographs for artists such as Pablo Vargas Lugo (Mexican Pavilion, 58th Venice Biennale, 2019), Pedro Reyes (Harvard University Press, 2018), John Latham (Serpentine Galleries, 2017), Silvestre Pestana (Serralves, 2016), and Rossella Biscotti (WIELS, 2015); he is a frequent contributor to Artforum, Frieze, e-flux journal, and other like publications as well.
Most recently, Kleinman was Curator-in-Residence at the Banff Centre (2018). Inaddition to these activities, he participated in the 56th Venice Biennale, Performa (09 & 11), the 12th Istanbul Biennial (satellite), and the Baltic Triennial (XI & XII).

The program is sponsored by: U.S. Embassy Pristina, Kosovo.


Roma Night

You are all invited to celebrate the concept “Singing to the River” through Roma Night.


Singing to the River is thought as a metaphor and as a new beginning of a concept that describes the story of gathering people from different profiles, melodies, and sounds of musical instruments over the bridges.
In such events we are inviting people to listen and feel how the music touches the river. We aim to make this a tradition, the tradition of singing to the river. The Roma Night event is being organized in partnership with Ojq Nevo Koncepti.

19:00 – Three poems by Kujtim Paçaku
Denur the son of Kujtim Paçaku will perform the recital in Romani and Albanian language.
Denur Paçaku: is a devoted human rights activist and a very promising member and leader of the Roma community. He is strongly promoting youth activism and is a member of different local NGOs. He holds a BA degree in Political Sciences.

19:15 – Monodrama by Edis Galushi
Sequence from the “Panta Rhei” monodrama. The monodrama shows the Roma journey and contribution to society. Edis Galushi: For many years worked as a Roma journalist reporting about daily life of Roma in Kosovo and broader. He has mainly expressed his activism through arts (poetry and single act theater shows) and gave a considerable contribution in preservation of the Romani culture. He gained his MA degree in TEFL from the University of Zagreb in 2017.

19:30 – Music Performance by Jimmy Mustafa Band
“Jimmy Band” was gathered in 2009, six young Roma people form Plemetina joined their talents to make a different genre of Roma and other style of music. Band plays traditional Roma, but beside that it plays different genres of music too.
Current Band members: Djemal Mustafa: Guitar player and head of the band, Ersad Bunjaku: The front man of the band since its establishment, Avni Mustafa: Cajón player, Driton Berisha: Guitar player and a back vocal.

Gilavipe ani len gndisalo sar metafora thay sar nevo shrd e konceptesko kova sikavla o mothavipe e manushenge khetanipasko kotar ververutne profilya, melodie thay avazya e muzikake instrumentengo prekal o purtya. Ko ayeka ovipya amen khara e manushen te shunen thay te sungaven sar e muzika qalavela e len.

19:00 – Trin poezie kotar Kujtim Paçaku
O Denuri, Kujtim Paçakosko qhavo ka performinel o recitali pe Romani thay Albanyuni qhib.
Denur Paçaku: si dedikimo aktivisti vash manushikane hakaya thay yekh pakivutno terno qhavoro thay lideri e romane komunitetesko. Pheripea promovinla o ternengo aktivizmo thay si jeno e ververutne lokalune BRO-engo. Agoringya o fakulteti vash politikune skencie.

19:15 – Monodrama kotar Edis Galushi
Sekvence kotar e monodrama “Panta Rhei”. E monodrama sikavla Romengo dromipe thay kontributi ano amalipe.
Edis Galushi: Vash disave bersha kergya buti sar romano zhurnalisti raportipea vash o divuno jivdipe e romengo ani Kosova thay may buhle. Sherunipea poro aktivizmo sikavgya prekal arti (poezia thay monodrame) thay dengya konsideruno kontributi pe garavipe e romana kulturako. Diplomiringya ko Zagrebesko Universiteti ko bersh 2017 sar magistri e anglikana qhibyako.

19:30 – Muzikaki performansa kotar Jimmy Mustafa Band
“Jimmy Mustafa Band” kreirisalo ko bersh 2009, kote shov manusha kotar e Plemetina kerde khetane olenge talentya vash te keren yekh yaver stili e romana thay yaver zhanrenga muzikako. E grupa kerla romane tradicionalune numay ini yaver muzikake zhanrya.
Aktualune grupake jene: Djemal Mustafa: gitaristi thay grupako sheruno, Ersad Bunjaku: grupako gilavno sar oake temelipastar, Avni Mustafa: khelela Cajón, Driton Berisha: bashalela gitara thay back vokali.

Making It Together – Autostrada Biennale II

Walking Through Cultural Heritage of Prizren!

Autostrada Biennale Education Program 2019

Video Promo

Opening of Autostrada Biennale II

Revolution Is Us / 21 July - 21 September 2019

Autostrada Biennale II – Before the Opening

Interview with Leutrim Fishekqiu and Giacinto Di Pietrantonio

Autostrada Biennale Team at KTV

Interview with Vatra Abrashi and Leutrim Fishekqiu
7 May, 2020

Open Call for Artists

Autostrada Biennale invites local, regional and international artists, to become part of the archive of contemporary artists’ portfolios. Autostrada Biennale is updating the archive with new portfolios of local, regional and international artists. These portfolios will be presented to the curator during the research phase for third edition artists. Portfolios can be submitted from 7 to 23...
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4 August, 2019


Prizren, 2019 21.07 - 21.09   EXHIBITION VENUES BS Bus Station  AM Archeology Museum G Gymnasium  P Prison  C Castle  ...
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